Welcome to SEC

The Social Enrichment Center was founded to support individuals, families, schools and community organizations. Our objective is to build children’s and adolescent’s self-confidence and social connectedness. SEC provides direct care to young people, utilizing evidence-based therapeutic and instructional strategies. Further, our team equips caregivers with developmentally appropriate skills and strategies to build children and adolescents’ social competencies.

We are now enrolling for Summer 2019!

SEC offers many summer programming options centered around social skills, academics, executive functioning, and life skills. We offer a six-week ESY program, a back-to-school readiness program in August, and small group sessions and individual therapy throughout the summer. We also offer related services on-site, including speech therapy, reading support, OT, and academic tutoring by a certified special education teacher. Flexible scheduling and rates are available!

For more information, contact us today!
Call (610) 853-2898 or email michelle@socialenrichmentcenter.com

Also Enrolling: Winter 2019

We offer a variety of services here at SEC including small group social skills sessions, individual psychotherapy, and individual social skills therapy. We support our clients in our facility in Springfield, in schools, and in the home.

Flexible scheduling is available Mondays – Saturdays

For more information, call (610) 853-2898 or email michelle@socialenrichmentcenter.com

Young Adult Transition Sessions 18+

Designed to facilitate the transition from high school to either college or the workforce, this experience will develop the skills necessary to move into adulthood. Weekly sessions are designed to foster overall social skill development as well as guide individuals through the adolescent to young adult transition.

Weekly group sessions now available
claire@socialenrichmentcenter.com for more information