Welcome to SEC

The Social Enrichment Center was founded to support individuals, families, schools and community organizations. Our objective is to build children’s and adolescent’s self-confidence and social connectedness. SEC provides direct care to young people, utilizing evidence-based therapeutic and instructional strategies. Further, our team equips caregivers with developmentally appropriate skills and strategies to build children and adolescents’ social competencies.

NOW Enrolling: Summer Programs

Start planning your child’s successful summer at SEC today.

Flexible daily and weekly scheduling available all summer.  Half day and full day options. For more information about all of our programming, contact Michelle@socialenrichmentcenter.com

Summer Dates

6 week Program (ages 3-21, perfect for ESY): 6/25- 8/3

Teen Program (ages 13+): 6/25- 8/2

Hourly individual and group sessions (ages 2-21): 6/25- 8/30

Back to school readiness/ August program: (ages 2-21): 8/6- 8/30

Available Services at SEC

We offer individual or small group 1hr sessions all year round., with flexible scheduling to meet the demands of busy lives.  Individualized programs designed by qualified and certified therapists who work closely with families to address all areas of growth and development

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Reading Support
  • Speech and Language Support