Toddlers, Preschoolers & Kindergarteners Programs at SEC

Our programs for children ages 2-6 are designed to address play and language development.  This includes building interaction skills, play skills and communication skills. In addition, the program builds positive behaviors and continued social awareness. Our approach is child-centered, using age-appropriate toys, games and activities to provide opportunities to expand play skills and interests.  Our methods utilize research-based interventions to address the skills that are necessary to be successful in all environments, such as at home, in school, or during time in the community.

Programs include:

Individuals Sessions

Our individual sessions work on goals specific to the individual child. Our team develops an individual treatment plan that focuses on the specific strengths and needs of your child.  We understand your child is learning to navigate the world outside of the home for the first time.  This time is essential for building a strong foundation for future success.

Our focus is on (but not limited to): building positive peer interaction skills, play theme development and expansion, social awareness, independence, flexible thinking, development of self- help skills, and communication skills.

Dyad (with one peer)

A dyad provides the opportunity for your child to begin to generalize interaction skills, play skills and communication skills.  This is a stepping stone for skill development.  The dyad allows for a small and controlled introduction of a peer into your child’s play world.

Small Group Sessions

A small group session allows your child to practice the skills learned with up to 5 other peers.  It is designed to be the perfect complement to your preschooler or kindergarteners’ social development.  We use structured play to foster skills such as: social language, play theme development, imaginary play, and flexibility.  Our facilitators work closely with families and children to practice  skills all while playing and having fun!

Available Services Include:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Reading support (Kindergarten+)