Teen Summer Camp

June 26-August 4

Monday- Thursday 9am-2pm
*parents provide lunch

This program focuses on increasing your teens social competency and self-esteem by addressing specific challenges.

Our teen summer camp is divided into 4 areas of concentration. One hour sessions are devoted to enhance skills while still providing an engaging summer camp experience.

It includes:

  • Executive Functioning Skill Building- instruction will revolve around time management, decision making making, goal setting, and study strategies.
  • Social Enrichment- instruction will  support your teens ability to navigate social circles, stress management, and dating.
  • Teen Transitions- whether your child is transitioning to middle school, high school or college we offer appropriate support.
  • Academic tutoring- we work closely with schools and students to increase learned and new concept development. All academics are individualized and we can support IEPs.
Contact our programming specialist Michelle@socialenrichmentcenter.com to plan your child’s successful summer.