Back to School Readiness for ages 2-21

August 6- August 30

Monday- Thursday 9am-12pm
Flexible scheduling available
Choose from 2, 3, or 4 mornings

Getting back into school routines can be tricky! Let us help get your child ready for the summer to school transition.  This 4 week camp is designed to provide the structure and services needed to prepare for school routines.  We offer a variety of therapies, skill building, and social support to help your child get back into the swing of things.

Choose from any of our available services to customize your child’s experience.

Our available services provide for a individualized summer experience.  Choose from one (or more) and we can add it to your child’s summer program. Many of these services can be for 1hr or more, and can be offered as an individual, dyad, or group session. Group sessions consist of 3-5 children/adolescents

Available Services Include:

  • Anxiety group
  • Girls groups
  • Boys groups
  • Recess skill building
  • Play skills
  • Arts and crafts
  • Executive functioning skill building
  • Sensory play groups
  • Cogmed: Working Memory Training Program
  • Teen social groups
  • Teen transition groups (to middle school and to high school)
  • Speech (not available in August)
  • Occupational Therapy (not available in August)
  • Reading Specialist (not available in August)

Contact our Assistant Director, Michelle Martin to plan your child’s experience