Small Group Sessions @ SEC

Small Group Sessions at SEC

Our group sessions are designed to provide opportunities for individuals to practice and learn new skills.  We structure our groups to facilitate individual growth within a group setting.  Here at SEC we utilize research-based interventions to address the skills that are necessary to be successful in all environments.  These sessions can be combined with our individual session to provide opportunities to practice skills and enhance skill development.

1hr group sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday based upon availability.  We also offer group sessions on Saturday’s from 9:00-5:00.  Groups are formed with 3-5 individuals based on a variety of factors.  We develop groups based on developmental needs, age, interests, and individual needs in relation to the group.

What can group sessions provide?

  • Structured and engaging activities to build social skills
  • Positive and productive feedback
  • Expansion of behavioral and social awareness
  • Development of effective coping strategies for social success

Group Sessions for Ages 4-6 (Preschoolers and Kindergarteners)

This group session is designed to be the perfect complement for your preschooler or kindergarteners’ day.  We use structured play to develop skills such as: social language, play theme development, and flexibility.  Our facilitators work closely with families and children to develop individual programming developed to foster social development and to practice school readiness skills all while playing and having fun!

Group Sessions for Ages 6-11 (Elementary School)

This group is designed to increase your child’s social language and play skill development.  We use structured play to develop essential social skills, such as: conversation development, learning how to engage in play appropriately, and the importance of flexibility during play.  This group is structured to meet the growing demands on elementary school aged children as their social world becomes bigger and more demanding.  We structure activities to build conversational skills, increase flexibility, develop recess skills, practice conflict resolution, and to promote the importance of team work

Group Sessions for Ages 13-17 (Middle School and High School)

Our teen groups focus on increasing your teen’s social language and competency through structured learning and direct instruction.  Using developmentally appropriate activities we focus on: building conversation skills, increasing flexibility, developing social confidence, and the importance of initiating/ maintaining friendships.  We assist in the transition from adolescence to young adult.  Group session are designed to address making friends as an emerging adult in new environments (for example: understanding verbal and nonverbal social cues and getting advice from peers), organization skills needed to schedule social activities and dating, navigating social media, and managing their school day (for example: problem solving social and/or teacher issues)

Group Session for Ages 17+

Designed to facilitate the transition from high school to either college or the workforce, this small group experience will develop the skills necessary to move into adulthood.  Working to increase independence skills essential to adulthood we focus on: researching social events, organizing transportation, developing job skills, and navigating social media.  Making the transition to adulthood includes navigating services available to individuals including: social security, voter registration, getting a driver’s license, obtaining medical access, and long term financial planning.  We assist with the instruction of how to obtain these and other adult related services/programs as well as working with individuals to understand the importance of these adult related services

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