At Your School

Contact Assistant Director, Michelle Martin, for questions or to arrange services in the school environment.  Email:

SEC provides services to children and adolescents in school, who have difficulty in social situations. We facilitate with social development as well as behavior management.  We contract directly with school districts or parents can request an observation and/or services. 

Services are flexible and individualized to the needs in the school setting.

Observations in school setting

SEC staff will observe clients in their school environment to increase the consistency of services provided by Social Enrichment Center.  These observations help to: generalize social skills learned across all settings, provide opportunities to address classroom behaviors, provide valuable feedback for teachers and parents.

Consultation and training for teachers/ staff

SEC staff contracts with surrounding school districts to train   and     consult school teachers, aides,  and staff working with our clients.  We develop comprehensive training designed around specific client needs and IEP goals.  We work with school staff to provide behavior management techniques and strategies, as well as, client regulation within the classroom setting.

Direct behavior intervention services for client

SEC staff contracts with surrounding school districts to directly teach coping strategies, behavior interventions and implementation of reward systems to address specific needs of the client.

Weekly social skills group/ lunch bunch

Sec staff provides weekly social skills groups, one hour in length.  School districts can utilize our staff to provide a group for students who need direct social skills instruction and support.  Groups focus on the specific needs of the students.  This can include: building social interaction skills, play skills, self esteem,  and communication skills. In addition, the program curriculum builds positive behaviors and supports for continued social awareness.

Also available is a Circle of Friends group.  This group consists of one child with special needs, while also including multiple peers from the client’s class.  The center of this group will be the client with needs, focusing on their motivations and interests.  The overall goal of this group is to increase awareness to peers in the class, in order to help support the child with needs.

Individual Social Skills Therapy

SEC staff provides one on one hourly individual service to client within the school setting.  Our team will develop an individual treatment plan that focuses on the specific strengths and needs of the child.   Scheduling will be set up between SEC staff and the school’s Special Education Department.