Available Services

SEC provides direct services to children and adolescents ages 2-21.  Our programs are designed for your child using evidence based therapeutic strategies as well as personalized instruction. 

We offer flexible scheduling to meet the demands of busy lives.  SEC therapists are PA certified, compassionate instructors with years of experience. 1 hr sessions can be scheduled during the week or Saturday’s during the school year.

For more information contact Michelle@socialenrichmentcenter.com

Occupational Therapy

Offered in individual or small groups with flexible scheduling.  Our therapists develop a comprehensive program to address your occupational therapy needs.  We will create positive plans to develop fine motor, feeding and adaptive/self care skills, facilitation of purposeful play, visual motor/perceptual skills, executive skill development, handwriting and sensory processing.

Reading Support

For children and adolescents in grades Kindergarten through 12, we will develop skills and support growth in all aspects of reading development.  We offer reading support to enhance reading comprehension, develop written expression, support study skills, and address organization.

Speech and Language Support

We offer on site individualized sessions designed to develop receptive and expressive language, articulation, speech fluency, and social and pragmatic language. 

Sibling Support Group

Having a family member with special needs is a source of stress for both parents and siblings. Our sibling support groups address the demands placed on siblings by targeting sources of stress, developing coping skills, and providing the opportunity to interact with other siblings of individuals with special needs. 

Academic Tutoring

We provide academic tutoring for all ages.  These sessions help support children during the school year by getting them ready for school, practicing and mastering known skills, learning and strengthening new academic concepts.  Skills worked on are individualized, coming directly from child’s IEP and parent’s input. For an additional fee, lesson planning can be done on a week-to-week basis via the parent’s request.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the design, implementation and evaluation of environmental modifications to produce significant improvements in behavior. We offer behavioral consultation as well as the development of Functional Behavior Assessments and Positive Behavior Support Plans.

Social and Behavioral Evaluations

The Social Enrichment Center offers a variety of social and behavioral evaluations to assist parents and professionals in obtaining services for children with social and behavioral difficulties. Using the evaluations, SEC can provide rationale for services to enhance social skill development and behavioral support through the generation of interactive, social and behavioral goals, specific to the needs of the individual child.

Parent Consultations

Parent consultations are one-on-one sessions that are intended to help parents answer any questions or issues they may have regarding their child. The goal of a Social Enrichment Center Parent Consultation is to provide parents with information to make informed decisions regarding their child’s specific needs.


Cogmed  is an evidence-based, computerized training program designed by leading neuroscientists to improve attention by effectively increasing working memory capacity over a five-week training period.  The program challenges the user’s working memory capacity. Working memory is a function of the brain that helps us temporarily store and manage the information required to carry out complex cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning and comprehension. Working memory keeps information in the mind for a short time, typically for a few seconds, in order to use that information for thinking. The computerized, cognitive exercises are designed by neuroscientists to target this key cognitive function that has been proven to be fundamental to executive function and attention. The details of the exercise design allow the program to be very focused and yet provide slight variations.

For further information about Cogmed, please visit  cogmed.com