Elementary School-Age Programs at SEC

The elementary school-age programs at Social Enrichment Center focus on the specific needs of children at this age, including building interaction skills, play skills and communication skills. In addition, the program curriculum builds positive behaviors and supports continued social awareness. Our methods utilize research-based interventions to address the skills that are necessary to be successful in all environments, such as at home, in school, or during time in the community. Our approach is child-centered, using age-appropriate toys, games and activities to provide opportunities to expand play skills and interests.

Programs for Elementary Age children include:

Individual Sessions

The transition into elementary school presents new opportunities for independence and social skill building.  Children experience greater independence from their teachers and care givers as they attend school all day.  We develop our individual sessions to address the needs particular to this age group.

Individual sessions for this age include (but not limited to): building independence in social and peer relationships i.e. from play dates to hanging out with friends, recess skill building, learning to identify rigid vs flexible thinking and actions, transitioning from toy play to intangible play. In addition, we build positive behaviors and support continued social awareness.

Dyad (with one peer)

A dyad provides the opportunity for your child to begin to generalize interaction skills, play skills and communication skills. This is a stepping stone for skill development.  The dyad allows for a small and controlled introduction of a peer into your child’s world.

Small Group Sessions

A group session allows your child to continue to practice the skills learned in a setting with up to 5 other peers.  Designed specifically to meet the growing demands on elementary school aged children as their social world becomes bigger and more demanding.  We use structured play to develop essential social skills, such as: conversation development, learning how to engage in play appropriately, and the importance of flexibility during play.  Our activities build conversational skills, increase flexibility, develop recess skills, practice conflict resolution, and promote the importance of team work

Anxiety groups – Coping with stress

At the elementary age, stress and worry can manifest itself in a variety of ways, especially in the way a child interacts with peers and adults. If a child has difficulty interacting with others, it may be a function of worry or nervousness, such as worrying about how the child will be perceived by others.  SEC utilizes evidence-based interventions to address anxiety, including cognitive behavioral therapy and direct social skills instruction.

The groups include lessons and strategies from The Cool Kids Anxiety Program  (ages 6–12), Facing Your Fears and When My Worries Get Too Big! in addition to mindfulness techniques during group instruction.

Transition to Middle School Group

The transition to middle school can be a challenging time for both children and parents.  Middle school offers new demands not previously addressed at the elementary school level, such as new teachers, new peers and a new, more stimulating environment.  The transition to middle school group will address such issues as coping with peer pressure and building relationships with peers and teachers.

Available Services:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Reading Specialist
  • Cogmed
  • Academic Tutoring

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