~ A Stepping Stone Curriculum ~

Serving children and young people ages 2-21

SEC provides a variety of services using research-based methods, designed to build a solid foundation of social awareness.  Each service we provide is considered a step along a path to build social skills, problem solving strategies, confidence and independence.  Our programming can be used in sequence, or it is often used in conjunction to provide support and instruction on the complexities of social interaction and skill development.

Our individual sessions are designed to work on goals specific to your needs. We develop individual treatment plans that focus on creating a positive and safe environment for skill building.  Our approach focuses on the client’s strengths to support and encourage individual growth.

Our group sessions are designed to provide opportunities for individuals to practice and learn new skills.  We structure our groups to facilitate individual growth within a group setting.

SEC offers a variety of academic and therapy services to provide well-rounded support to all of our clients.

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