Making Friends:  A Social Skills Program for Inclusive Settings

By Ruth Herron Ross and Beth Roberts-Pacchione

The Wanna Play Program™ is a social skills curriculum designed to help young children develop the basic skills involved in making friends and interacting appropriately with individuals and groups. The curriculum is focused on young children with deficits and delays or disabilities—though the material is used with children of all ability levels and from varied cultural and ethnic groups.

This book has over 60 lesson plans involving over 300 games and activities, with an abundance of teacher reproducibles. Lesson plans specify teaching concepts, lesson objectives, attitudinal approaches, lesson introductions, materials, preparation, procedures, and links to IEP goals, as well as tips for generalization and consistency. Each chapter presents one unit with multiple lesson plans.

This program is based on our experience working with children on their social development. We have developed and applied this curriculum over a number of years and observed its success.

Who is the intended audience?

  • Educators
  • Therapists
  • Mental Help Professionals
  • Care-givers

This curriculum can be used by anyone who is helping children develop their friendship skills, and is easily adapted to any situation.

Curriculum Details

The curriculum is designed to be completed in sequential order. The beginning chapters introduce some of the Wanna Play Terms used throughout the program. Therefore, it is recommended that children who have already acquired the skills of a given unit do an abbreviated version of the unit.