Our Team

Beth Roberts, M.A., LPC, Director

Beth Roberts is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) with a passion for providing therapeutic services to children, adolescents, and families.  After Beth’s daughter was diagnosed with global developmental delay and autistic tendencies, she was uncertain about how to best help her. She decided to both receive training in and administer a home-based program called Son-Rise. Utilizing her educational background, professional training and evidence based research she has expanded her passion to include all individuals who seek the benefits of therapy.  Beth provides a variety of direct services including: individual psychotherapy, individual social skills therapy, and small group social skills therapy

Beth earned her Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology at Eastern University and has her license as a Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania.  Most recently Beth earned her graduate certificate in applied behavior analysis from Capella University.  Using her skills as a Professional Counselor, Beth brings years of experience to provide supervision for LPC students.

Since the inception of the Wanna Play Program in 2001, Beth has dedicated herself to the special needs community by supporting social skill development, executive functioning planning and management, developing self-awareness/confidence, and providing essential behavioral management strategies to her clients.  Currently, as Director of the Social Enrichment Center, Beth contracts with local school districts and community organizations as a consultant and direct service provider.  Additionally, Beth provides consulting services to parents of children with special needs, to support treatment program development.

Beth provides parent and professional workshops for the community.  Dedicated to sharing her years of experience, these workshops are tailored to meet the needs and challenges parents face raising and advocating for their children. Workshops have included such topics as: Executive Functioning and the Importance of Social Skills, How to Plan for a Successful Middle School Transition, and ESY Planning for Summer.   Beth co-authored and published The Wanna Play Program curriculum Making Friends: A Social Skill Program for Inclusive Settings.

Michelle Martin, B.S.Ed, MSW, Assistant Director

Michelle Martin incorporates her extensive ABA training and skills to support children and adolescents in all environments.  Utilizing both behavioral and therapeutic approaches, she supports social, emotional, and academic growth.  Having worked with children throughout her whole career, Michelle brings years of experience to all of her clients.

Having graduated from Temple University, she is certified in both special education and early childhood education.  She earned her Master of Social Work at New England University.  Michelle brings a well- rounded and balanced approach to the Social Enrichment Center.

Currently, as the Assistant Director, Michelle navigates many aspects of the programming available at SEC.  She conducts individual and small group social skills sessions, develops and facilitates home programs, provides informative parent/ professional workshops, and works directly with school districts for consultations.

Additional Staff at SEC

Trained in the SEC approach and philosophy, the SEC Individual & Group Therapeutic Facilitators provide direct services for children and adolescents.  Click to view our full list of Individual & Group Therapeutic Facilitators

Available services include occupational therapy, reading support, and speech/ language therapy.  Our staff develops individualized program to meet the needs of every client.  Click to view our full list of Support Therapists