The staff of SEC has always been able to work with my son and he has benefited from the experience and caring attitude of all the therapists.  This has given me the strength and faith to push through the never-ending roller coaster ride of Autism. ~Parent

The team always makes time for answering questions, sharing information, or listening. The people in this program have been our constant in an ever-changing adventure. ~Parent

Their truly precious ability to combine professional knowledge with hearts of sheer gold makes this program a place I cannot imagine being on this journey without. Honestly, no clue where we’d be today without them. ~Parent

We are so grateful to the program for providing our son with a safe, engaging and nurturing learning environment that allows him to explore and discover while building meaningful and positive life skills and peer relationships. ~Parent

SEC provides caring, creative and inspiring lessons that motivates and supports our son’s verbal communication, peer interactions and school readiness. Because of their extensive knowledge and dedication, our son continues to make great progress each and every week! ~Parent

SEC worked with our behavioral health providers and the school staff to get everyone on the same page so we could decrease our son’s tantrums and noncompliance. Thanks to the staff’s patience and guidance, our son is now included in his neighborhood middle school and he has become more flexible. ~Parent

This program has been incredibly important for all areas of my son’s development and our family’s ability to function. ~Parent

While we still have a lot to work on, the staff continually is able to individualize our son’s program so he doesn’t even realize that they are helping him change his behavior—he just thinks he is playing with his favorite people!  We are indebted to this program and the staff! ~Parent