The Social Enrichment Center  was developed as the result of Beth Roberts’ experience helping her daughter, diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and autistic tendencies. As a responsible parent, she began to look for programs for her daughter and became discouraged at the lack of focus on social skills inherent to most programs for children. Beth began to run groups as a part of her home program, as she realized the need for children, like her daughter, to have supportive, instructional programming. This led to the creation of the Exceptional Needs Foundation and The Wanna Play Program in 2001.  The Wanna Play Program curriculum was published in 2007 and is utilized in the work of the Social Enrichment Center along with other research based interventions and therapeutic approaches.  The transition to The Social Enrichment Center is the result of many years of experience in observing the dynamic needs of young people. Our goal is to utilize the feedback from our clients, parents, schools and professionals to expand our program to address the needs of our community.